Koh Tao CrossFit is dedicated to building a community of athletes who understand that hard work and dedication are the keys to achieving lasting fitness and healthy lifestyles. Emphasizing the CrossFit prescription of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements, our daily workouts create a fitness that is, by design, broad and all-inclusive.

We do this in an environment that is welcoming and supportive. There is no “base level” fitness that you need before training with us. Whether you consider yourself a seasoned athlete or have not been to a gym in years, we give you the motivation and support to reach your fitness goals and live healthier lifestyles. And by utilizing group classes, we create a community of athletes to further motivate and push you to achieve what you thought was previously impossible.

As a gym, we are moms, dads, grandparents, and students. We are travellers, expats, teachers, divers, and business owners. Some of us live extremely athletic lives while some of us use the gym as our sole source of athletic activity. Regardless, we are all here in pursuit of a common goal, our fitness, and will challenge and support each other on the path towards that goal. At the same time, we love to have fun and enjoy life outside the gym, and our classes and attitudes reflect that (just ask Banyan Bar next door!). So come in, meet our staff, try a workout, and get started!