CrossFit is Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, Performed at High Intensity

CrossFit, by design, is a broad based GPP (General Physical Preparedness Program), which means we seek to develop competence in ten different areas of fitness: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. At Koh Tao CrossFit, we prepare our athletes for their lives inside and outside the gym, whether that means for sport, diving (particularly in Koh Tao!), or simply a level of fitness previously thought unattainable. Using three different modalities, gymnastics, cardio, and Olympic weightlifting, we program daily workouts that vary in load, time, repetition, and intensity. Routine is the enemy, and our athletes benefit from a training program that resists adaptation and allows the athlete to move past previous fitness plateaus.

At Koh Tao CrossFit, you won’t find athletes doing bicep curls or isolating “mirror muscles” which result in little usable strength. Instead, we teach movements that are natural, safe, and have function outside of the gym. We focus first on the core of the body, the hips and trunk, and further develop from the core to the extremities. In this way, our athletes are ready to tackle the demands of their daily lives as soon as they leave the gym.

Intensity, or power, is the variable most commonly associated with an athlete’s improvement in overall fitness. Within CrossFit, we define power simply as an athlete’s ability to move large loads over long distances, quickly. It is important to note the distinction between actual intensity and the screaming and yelling that most people think is intensity. While the screaming and yelling can sometimes be a result of intensity, our goal is always increased power output while still maintaining correct form and technique.