• KTC Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Beach WOD

    KTC Celebrates 1st Anniversary with Beach WOD

    One year in and Koh Tao has embraced CrossFit like you would not believe! From running free WODs in an empty box in June 2013, to a rock solid CrossFit community, we’ve come a long way in just a year.

    To celebrate we did what we do best – grind it out in the sunshine! So on Sunday 6th July we carted our kettlebells and plates down to the beach for a gruelling 12 minute partner AMRAP featuring 8 ground to overheads, 12 goblet squats and 16 Russian kettlebell swings. All whilst your partner sweated it out on a 400m sandy run.

    It was a great afternoon with a huge turnout of a regular members and visiting CrossFitters, along with a lively crowd to cheer everyone on. Followed of course by a beach BBQ – what better way to celebrate a year in the box.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last year, everyone who has come to train with us, started CrossFit with us, and our fantastic members who keep the community strong. Check out our Facebook page for the full photo album.




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