• Facebook update February 21, 2015 at 04:00PM

    With The Open starting next week we’ll be launching our new schedule on Monday 23rd February:

    * The 7am classes will not run during this period.
    * If you are visiting Koh Tao and need a judge to validate your Open workout score, please email or message us to book your slot in the 11.30am sessions.
    * Saturday will be the day we all have a go at The Open workout. For our members who are new to CrossFit don’t worry – this will be like a regular class, with some fun partner elements thrown in!

    We’ve also changed the Foundation class schedule, so if you know anyone who wants to give CrossFit a try it’s now easier than ever:
    * Start your Foundation Course with class A, B or C.
    * Complete them in almost any order, to help suit your schedule.
    * Use the catch up sessions to cover a class you’ve missed or won’t be able to make later in the week.
    Email or message us for more information or to reserve your space. If you’re still struggling to get to the Foundation classes message us to discuss alternative time and class options.

    For those of you who have been trying to find the time to get back in to CrossFit we have some new membership renewal options and promotions available. Just pop in or send us a message for more details!

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