Our CrossFit WODs run 3 with all the challenges and sweat angels you might expect to find in your own box! Our daily WODs run as any typical WOD does, with a warm up, skill, strength or conditioning element, and a main WOD. Lasting an hour you’re sure to get your regular box fix here with us.

If you are an experienced CrossFitter you are welcome to join us for any of our WODs; simply drop us a message to let us know you are coming, or pop in just before the class to get yourself checked in. We don’t post our daily WODs online before our classes, so if you don’t like surprises you can drop in to the box during the day to see the WOD before either of the evening classes!

All our workouts can be scaled so if you’re a little out of practice since you’ve been on your travels, or have any injuries or issues, please don’t worry. Simply pop in just before the class starts so you can discuss anything you need with our coaches. If you are fairly new to CrossFit and have been doing it for less a month drop us a message, and we can help to advise on which class would be best for you to drop in to.