• CrossFit

    constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements
    Want to join us for a WOD? No problem - we welcome experienced CrossFitters to all our WOD sessions! Want to train more than once? Our multi passes aren’t for consecutive days so are perfect if you’re on Koh Tao for a little while but don’t want to workout every day. If you’re on Koh Tao for a month or more our membership packages are great value, giving you unlimited access to our WODs, B.E.A.S.T classes and Open Gym sessions. Unlimited access memberships are available for all experienced CrossFitters, whether you’re new to KTC or one of our regulars! If you want to give CrossFit a try you can check out our Foundation classes, or B.E.A.S.T Bootcamp classes if you want a great workout without the heavy lifting. If you are a long term resident on Koh Tao, or are looking to stay for more than 4 months, please email, message or drop in to speak to us about additional membership discounts. Check out our Facebook page for the latest promotions, events and schedule information!

    Membership Rates

    • 1 Month Unlimited
      4,000 THB
    • 3 Months Unlimited (10% discount)
      10,800 THB
    • 6 Months Unlimited (15% discount)
      21,600 THB
    • Foundation Course
      2,000 THB

    Drop-In Rates

    • Open Gym Training Only
      250 THB
    • 1 Day
      500 THB
    • 5 Day (1 day free!)
      2,000 THB
    • 10 Day (3 days free!)
      3,500 THB
    • Foundations Day Pass
      650 THB
    • Tomi


      Tomi is the co­owner of Koh Tao CrossFit, Performance Director and DJ extraordinaire!

      Tomi Kaaria joins us from Finland where he owns the hugely successful Box 100. As our new head coach Tomi brings with him years of experience in the fitness industry including:

      • 4 years in CrossFit, including CFL1 trainer, CrossFit Weighlifting and CrossFit Mobility trainer
      • Westside Barbell Seminar
      • Ido Portal movement X seminar
      • Ido Portal corset seminar

      We could go on with the list, but thought we’d shed a bit of light in to less CrossFit side of Tomi as when he’s not coaching or working out in the box you can usually find him behind a set of decks, giving the people of Koh Tao the perfect sunset mix to enjoy a few cocktails to.